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LWVUS Public Policy Positions

A brief description of positions taken by the national level of the League of Women Voters

A complete listing of the LWVUS positions can be found at the LWVUS website.

Members of the League of Women Voters throughout the United States study and develop postions that can be used for advocacy and education at all levels of government.

Positions on Government include: Representative Government, Voting Rights, Self-Government and Full Voting Representation for the District of Columbia, the Election Process, Apportionment, Campaign Finance, Selection of the President and the Electoral College, Congress and the Presidency.

Positions on Citizen Rights include: Citizen's Right to Know and Citizen Participation, Individual Liberties, and Public Policy on Reproductive Choices.

In the area of International Relations, the League has positions on the United Nations, Trade, U.S. Relations with Developing Countries, Arms Control, and Military Policy and Defense Spending.

Members often take action on the League's Natural Resources positions including Resource Management, Environmental Protection and Pollution Control, Air Quality, Energy, Land Use, Water Resources, saste Management, and Nuclear Issues, Agricultural Policy, and Public Participation.

The League's Social Policy issues at the national level include: Equality of Opportunity, Equal Rights, Education, Employment, Health Care, Housing, Meeting Basic Human Needs, Child Care, Violence Prevention, Gun Control, Abolition of the Death Penalty, and Immigration.

Other issues of concern are Fiscal Policies including positions on Tax Policy, the Federal Deficit, and Funding of Entitlements.

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