Making Democracy Work

Local Positions

Positions adopted after study by members of the League of Women Voters of North & Central San Mateo County

City of San Mateo Charter

Support a charter for the City of San Mateo which defines the basic structure of government in an orderly and simplified manner, and provides for clearly fixed authority, responsibility, and efficiency in the administration and organization of city government in which the guiding principle is the effective control of city government by citizens.

Local Boards and Commissions

Support measures to ensure open and consistent procedures for the appointment of members to city boards and commissions.


Support an educational system that will prepare students for employment, citizenship and lifelong learning.

Government Configuration, Central San Mateo County Coastside

Support an efficient, effective, and equitable balance of responsibility and authority among the governmental agencies that provide services to the Coastside with accountability to the public.

The following criteria should be considered in evaluating the effectiveness of the agencies providing service on the Coastside:
1. political accountability
2. economic efficiency
3. fiscal equity
4. maintenance of basic quality of services

Local Government Relationships

Support measures that clearly define the roles of city councils and city managers/administrators.

Support measures that define the relationship between the city councils and the city manager/administrator.

Support measures that define the relationship of the City Council and the City Manager to the public.

Public City Libraries

Support measures which ensure that essential services are provided at all libraries.

Support adequate funding for essential library services.

Support the cooperation and sharing of services among all public libraries in San Mateo County.

San Mateo Union High School District

Support policies and procedures which promote comprehensive, long-range planning for program facilities and resources within the San Mateo Union High School District and which provide adequate financing and equal opportunity for quality education within the financial possibilities of the district.

Support comprehensive curricula available to each student at each high school with as much program variety and depth as possible in academic, vocational and elective alternatives. Support development of program specializations in individual schools when declining enrollment and limited finances, facilities, equipment and staff make it impractical to replicate such specifications in all schools.