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How to Contact Us

Telephone: 650-342-5853

Mail: League of Women Voters of North & Central San Mateo County
444 Peninsula Avenue, Suite 1
San Mateo, CA 94401-1679

Email: [email the League] (general info/questions)

Or contact one of the people below:

President Ann Kuchins [send email]
Vice President Susan Raye [send email]
Treasurer Jacqueline Jacobberger [send email]
Voter Service Director Gayle Hardt [send email]
Membership Director Marie Baldisseri [send email]
Secretary Jean Johnson [send email]
Voters Edge Project Director Kathee Tyson [send email]
Newsletter Editor Ann Kuchins [send email]
Voter Registration Forms Jean Johnson [send email]
Office Manager Marcia Leonhardt [send email]

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