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Will You Vote With the League on June 5, 2018?

Will You Vote With the League on June 5?

The League Recommends

The LWV California has recommendations on four of the measures on the state ballot.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Reserve Fund (ACA 1) This measure would add a requirement that two thirds of legislators approve the first appropriation of any money collected from the sale by CARB of Cap-and-Trade allowances. At a time that we need efficient and effective investments in climate change solutions, this requirement could lead to deadlocks, inefficiency, and poor decisions. The LWVC opposes this measure.

Motor Vehicle Fees and Taxes (ACA 5) If passed, this measure would raise excise taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel, provides for regular increases to those taxes based on inflation, establishes a new fee on zero-emission vehicles, and raises vehicle registration fees. The new revenue from these taxes would be used for transportation-related purposes: repairing streets and bridges, addressing deferred maintenance on highways and local roads, improving public transit, and investing in needed transportation infrastructure to benefit all Californians. The League supports measures to ensure adequate revenue to support needed services, including safe roads and good public transportation. The LWVC supports this measure.

Effective Date of Initiatives (ACA 17) Currently, an initiative that is approved takes effect the day after the election unless the measure provides otherwise. Election results are not officially certified until five weeks after the election. While most election results are clear shortly after election day, that is not always the case. This measure would provide that an initiative would take effect five days after the Secretary of State certifies the election results. This is a common-sense measure, ensuring clarity about what is, and is not, California law. The LWVC supports this measure.

California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act (SB 5 This measure would authorize California to issue general obligation bonds, with the money used to finance state and local parks, water conservation measures, water reliability to disadvantaged communities, and flood protection projects. California parks provide open space and recreation, improving health and community well-being. The water projects funded by this bond are forward thinking, and are a key part of our state response to climate change. The LWVC supports this measure.

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